Ask B.Simone: What Does The "B" Stand For? WorkOut Playlist? Tune Out Negativity? Model Tips?

Summer17Goals  "What is your workout playlist ?"

I honestly listen to anything thing turned up ! Young thug , future ... even the pop radio station on iTunes is great 👍🏽 A lot of times I listen to my own music to inspire me!

FallingBackGirl  "How do you tune out the BS while trying to get your business off the ground?  I always feel like I'm leveling up and then I get discouraged in some way...."

With anything in life if you focus on the negative comments or negative BS you won't flourish. You just have to figure out a way to keep positive thoughts in your mind and focus on your goals. Remember the overall outcome , and set small goals and plan so that you can reach your big goals !

SheWantsKen  "First of all I love you bae!! What is the B in BSimone ? What's advice for someone fresh out of a break up that can't get over their ex?"

The B stands for Braelyn! That's my first name. And advice I would give to anyone fresh out of a break up that is trying to get over there ex is focus on you. Make yourself better in every aspect of your life that you're so focused on yourself you can't focus on anything else. Become so bomb that you shit on them LOL

JMuse  "Do you still do the ACV drink ? I just bought it  and wondered what to mix it with ?"

I actually don't use apple cider vinegar anymore it's not on the diet plan that I'm using now. But before I would dilute it with water and take a shot daily it is supposed to help with stomach fat. Google the benefits :)

AFuturePlusSizeModel  "What are some tips that I can do to get my modeling off of the ground?"

Hey girl. Good luck with modeling! First off, start a portfolio. Get with some good for toddlers and take amazing pictures. Be creative and unique and show your best features and your true beauty. Start posting and get your social media off the ground so you can work with bigger and better people eventually.


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